zorse, zebrula, zebrule, zebra mule or golden zebra… zebronkey!

Thanks again to the peeps at strangeanimalsinfo.com I have been alerted to a greater progress in humanity;s hubris. The zorse. A zebra and a horse copulate and create a new life. I feel like greater dissemination in our society will lead to way more inventive childhood insults. I’d much rather hear a child call another a zonkey rather than make some reference to his opponents’ sexuality or weakness. Get creative, kids! Call that rude girl in bio class a zebronkey!


A zonkey

Common Name: Zebroid,Zebra mule , zebrule

A zebroid is the result of the cross between a zebra and any other equine (horse-like animal). As a result the zebroid term is a very general one, referring to various hybrid animals. In most cases the sire (the male) is a zebra, with the female being a horse, a donkey etc

Zebroid Types
The different types of offspring between a zebra and an equine are referred to as following:

  • A zorse, if the mother is a horse (also called zebrula, zebrule, zebra mule or golden zebra)
  • A zony, if the mother is a pony
  • Zetland, the offspring between a zebra and a Shetland (a small pony breed)
  • Horbra, if the father is a horse (also called hebra, zebrinny and zebret)
  • Zonkey, for offsprings produced by a donkey and a zebra. Other names used are zebonkey, zebronkey, zebrinny, zebrass, zedonk and zeedonk.
A Zorse

Zebroid Description
Typically, zebroids look like their equine parent, having stripes on their body. Usually these stripes don’t cover the body entirely but only partially, and are in most cases confined in the legs or other parts like the neck and the body.
If the equine comes with some kind of pattern (e.g. the Pinto horse) there is a high chance that this pattern will be inherited to the offspring. In most of these hybrids the zebra stripes are confined in  the non white areas of the animal.

The term “golden zebra” is used when the offspring has a zebra-like black-on-bay or black-on-chestnut pattern that somehow resembles the extinct quagga (a subspecies of the plains zebra).

Photo of the now extinct quagga

Zorses usually inherit the “wild” nature of their zebra parent and thus have a strong and aggressive temperament.
Zonkey hybrids commonly have one stripe dorsally (on their back) and one stripe ventrally (in the belly)


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