Today is Love Your Body Day

In the name of loving one’s body here’s an interesting fact that I was unaware of until a good friend filled me in during her pregnancy.

Pregnancy hormones soften the pubic bones to make labour easier.

That’s right. The bones soften. This blew my mind.

The hormone relaxin has many functions.

“In males, relaxin enhances motility of sperm in semen. In females relaxin is produced mainly by the corpus luteum, in both pregnant and nonpregnant females; it rises to a peak within approximately 14 days of ovulation, and then declines in the absence of pregnancy, resulting in menstruation. During the first trimester of pregnancy, levels rise and additional relaxin is produced by the decidua.

Relaxin’s role or necessity in human pregnancy remains under investigation, as in humans its peak is reached during the 14 weeks of the first trimester and at delivery. It is believed to soften the pubic symphysis, the midline joint in the pubic bone.”



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