“Gamers Unravel the Secret Life of Protein”- Wired

How brilliant! Life follows art/fiction follows life!

As followers of the Star-Gate-Universe television program know, one of the main protagonists of the show gets picked up by a secret military program because he solves an online game which helps decode an ancient alien language. The dream of harnessing the computing power of gamers’ brains for scientific exploration has now been realized!

As this Wired article details, an online game has enabled the discovery of the folding structures of proteins such as those within certain AIDS viruses.

This is some other interesting coverage, by On The Media, “New Online Game Helps Solve Medical Mysteries”. This piece delves into how the medium of gaming is different from other forms of research and media.

I highly recommend the podcast for On The Media. In such a heavily saturated media environment that we live in, in which our own opinions cannot truly be separated from the commercially-incentivized messaging surrounding and informing us, On The Media is a vital means of decoding and investigating the verbal and visual content of our society and daily lives. Love IT!


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