Antarctic Lakes

There’s very little of the Earth that hasn’t been explored and it’s amazing to think that there are lakes below the Antarctic ice sheets kept warm by geothermal heat.

From the BBC:

“Scientists from Aberdeen and Edinburgh universities are to seek out new forms of life in a lake nearly two miles below the Antarctic ice.

A team from the British Antarctic Survey will map an underwater lake in the hope of gaining new knowledge on the evolution of life.

Lake Ellsworth is said to be as big as Loch Rannoch and has been cut off for thousands of years.

If micro-organisms have evolved in the cold, dark environment, scientists believe they will shed light on the Earth’s past and the chances of finding life on other planets.”

A member of the team from Aberdeen says either the lake is sterile and they’ll find fossils, there’s life and it can be compared to other regions we know of or it will be something “completely unpredictable that imagination and reason hasn’t taken us to before.”

Amazingly well said.


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